First Customers


First Customers

Our first orders were to friends and family, then the word spread to other customers.  While the largest number of orders have been for car fuel, our two largest early orders were for a delivery of central heating oil and two transatlantic flights. It’s surprising that the weight of fuel used on some of the longer flights is many times the luggage allowance!

It’s important that the carbon storage is ethical, tangible and traceable.  A bar coded label is added to each pallet before storage showing the type of fossil fuel use and order numbers on that pallet.  An example of one label is here, more of them are on this link (pallet labels)

Label for Pallet 004

Pallets on the way to quarry

Closeup showing the label beneath the stretch wrap

label on pallet

Pallets in medium term storage at the stone quarry

4 pallets with bags for weather protection

We use the bar codes to track pallet movements and the final storage location.  We always know where all of our stored carbon is, and it remains the property of Solid Carbon Storage so we retain control

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