Make A Better Tomorrow, Today

Climate change. It's one of the most important challenges mankind is facing... Together we can act now!

At Solid Carbon Storage we do something completely different... unlike anybody else. We remove CO2 from the atmosphere - reversing the damage we cause.

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We Impact Now

A unique approach to offsetting carbon.

There are some great carbon offsetting projects out there which look at schemes to reduce CO2 impact in the future. But there is nothing out there that can make an impact straight away.

Solid Carbon Storage was borne out of the need to make a change NOW — for somebody to make an immediate impact to our environment.

With Solid Carbon Storage, our objectives are:

  • To improve the environment (by supporting the storage of solid carbon derived from ethical renewable biomass).

  • To empower individuals with the ability to make positive change immediately.

  • To allow individuals the opportunity to live an uncompromised lifestyle and help the environment simultaneously.

  • To lead the market in offering a way of taking CO2 out of the atmosphere.

  • To offer a service which allows individuals to improve quality of life for future generations.