The Science

Trees are amazing - they are our natural cleaners and oxygenators. They work hard purifying our air, removing carbon dioxide from it. But as their life ends the carbon they stored over time is released back into the environment.

How it Works

Solid Carbon Storage interrupts the carbon cycle by preventing decomposing trees and other biomass from breaking down and releasing CO2.


The Technical Bit

Our method for making real change.

Trees and plants thrive for a finite amount of time before they die.

Once the trees and plants die we take them and put them through the pyrolysis process to remove them from the carbon cycle.

Through the pyrolysis process Solid Carbon Storage takes wood and biomass and heats it, starving it of oxygen to create solid carbon. Solid carbon is completely pure and stable, meaning it is safe and friendly to the environment.

So, Solid Carbon Storage takes this stable and safe product and returns it to the environment, storing it back in the earth.