Calculating Carbon

A cleaner tomorrow with the click of a button.

With Solid Carbon Storage, families now have the unique opportunity to invest in pumping carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere directly. You can impact change immediately, with the click of a button.

Calculate your impact using our handy calculator below.

Alternatively, we’ve calculated some handy direct flights costs for your ease. Pick from the below to add your flight direct to your basket.

£23.58 Donate Now

£57.78 Donate Now

N Africa, Mid East
£121.77 Donate Now

N America
£187.32 Donate Now

N Asia
£178.25 Donate Now

Pacific SE Asia
£232.66 Donate Now

S America
£259.87 Donate Now

Sub Saharan Africa
£232.15 Donate Now

SW Asia
£139.91 Donate Now

To calculate the total amount of CO2 used on your flight use this ICAO calculator.


Once you’ve worked out the total kg of CO2 for your trip, enter the figure below to calculate your Solid Carbon donation.

Kg x £0.26 = £0.00